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If you want amazing, fun, and modern Senior pictures for free here is your chance! I am looking for outgoing, fun, and fashionable Juniors to be models or Life In Pixels VIP’s. This is a really great opportunity to earn free prints, get your Senior Photo Session(s) for free, and be a model! Please read the requirements, fill out an application, and submit it along with a picture of yourself to me through the submission form or you can download the application (located at the bottom of this page) and email me at If you have any questions about the program please do not hesitate to ask! Spots for the program are very limited, I am looking for only about 5 VIP’s, male or female (no more than two will be chosen from a high school).
In order to become a Life In Pixels Photography Senior VIP you must:
~Be a Junior, graduating in 2017
~Have great fashion style
~Be fun and energetic
~Be comfortable being yourself in front of a camera 
~Pass out referral cards & tell your friends about Life In Pixels Photography 
~Agree to only be a Senior model for Life In Pixels Photography 
~Be available to have your first VIP session done by May (weather permitting) 
~Have your parents sign a model release form
By becoming a Life In Pixels Photography Senior VIP you will get: 
~Free Senior photography session(s). Photos may be completed in one session or several sessions at LIPP’s discretion 
~Free personalized discount VIP Referral Cards to hand out 
~Free mini photo book to show your friends 
~Earn credits toward print items for referrals 
~Digital files to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc 
~The VIP with the most referrals by August 1 will get an individual Senior Session for free*!
If you are one of the few elite people that are chosen for the program, you will get to participate in photography sessions that are fun filled with lots of variety. We will be going to different locations and you will need to have several outfits to change into so that we can have lots of unique photos. There will be individual and group photos.
Referral Discounts:
1-3 Referrals – 10% off print order and $5.00 print credit per referral
4-6 Referrals – 10% off print order and $10.00 print credit per referral
7-9 Referrals – 10% off print order and $20.00 print credit per referral
10-12 Referrals – 25% off print order and $30.00 print credit per referral
13+ Referrals – 35% off print order and $40.00 print credit per referral 
~VIP’s will be given credit for referrals between the time you receive your VIP Referral Cards and December 1
~VIP Referral Card must be presented in order for the VIP to earn credit and the referred client to receive their discount listed on the card.
Timeline for VIP’s: 
January 31 – Applications for becoming a VIP due
Feb 28 – VIP’s will be chosen and notified
May 1 – Sessions completed for VIP Referral Cards
If you are chosen, you will receive a VIP Packet with more detailed information about sessions, clothing, referrals, and what to expect in general. Thank you for taking the time to apply for this fabulous opportunity! Good  Luck!!



Life In Pixels Photography reserves the right change the rules of the VIP program at anytime without notice. *Free session does not include prints

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